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The piper blush Experiment
Watch my Experiment

I write, scribble and note everything. Creating a book was something I always knew I would do. As I started writing my book, I realized that to make a book I needed more then just to write it- I need to live it! Experiments are part of life, we all have our own Experiments. My Experiments are ways for me to express myself, they help me see the world from a different perspective, thru them I can find answers to the questions I have and they keep me doing the thing I love most- creating. I decided to document and share my Experiments. They come in many forms depending on what I find is the best medium of communication: pictures, videos, articles, diary entries, etc. That way, once you have my book in hand you will have participated in the whole creation process and you will understand it better. That is my way of leaving my mark.

2010-2017 Piper Blush, I sleep with my lawyer, sometimes....