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Why submissive women are happier

Piper Blush is a Canadian author and entrepreneur. Currently writing an extremely controversial book, trying to answer a question that has nagged her for years - are women happier being submissive? She documents her experiments on female behavior through many art forms such as articles, short films, photos and special projects, that she shares on her site.While Piper Blush considers herself a feminist, her unorthodox views have been causing for concern among her peers.

Chapter One
"Smack my Ass, again"

It happened one evening. I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner, and he wanted to introduce me to his new girlfriend. You know, that ordinary evening where you don’t dress up too much, but rather a casual dinner with a good friend that doesn’t really know your secret garden.

I was sitting at the table enjoying a nice glass of red wine, while my friend helped her girlfriend in the kitchen. You know how cute a new couple is, always touching and helping one another. Suddenly my friend smacked her ass loud enough to make me jump. She even made a little squeal, then whispered in his ear that she wanted it again.

What's the big deal, you might ask. Well, the next time I saw that girl, I discovered she was a hardcore feminist. How can she reconcile her beliefs with the fact that she cooks every day for her man, that she like having having her ass smacked. What kind of games to they play in bed?? Does he grab her hair, pull hard on it, saying come here my little slut, I want to fuck you hard from behind, smacking her ass, make her say smack me again, saying do you want more?

Every time the conversation steers in that direction and I managed to ask other women if they like it when their boyfriends touch or smack their asses, the answer's always been yes. Sure, some like it harder, some gentler than others, but the answer's yes all the same. While most women love to have their asses smacked, some like to go a bit further, and play with spanking. That's a game played in master and submissive relations, "punishing" the submissive when she doesn't play to the master's rule - completely different from a little ass smacking. Spanking is made to hurt, while ass smacking is a playful gesture that feels pleasurable over all.

If you're shy about asking your boyfriend for it, don't worry - shyness is a good thing.All you have to do is get four on the floor with your ass up, grab a pillow, close your eyes, and gently ask please, can you smack my ass gently. Ask for more, experience the feeling until it hurt just a little bit, then ask to be taken from behind.

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