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Feminists Reject Me!

You can say I have two different writers in me! I love to write, as much for myself as for others. The things I write for myself are not destined for other minds to analyse. They spark my creativity, giving me the inspiration to create what I want to render visible to you. What you are presently reading! I write here, to get your opinion. It nourishes my mind and makes me question my thoughts.

A small part of my livelihood is spent trying to get my name out there, as for any author. I do so by sending emails to get interviewed, writing articles for blogs, or even making blog swaps with other writers. 

Of course, I know my views as an anti-feminist are controversial and make many unhappy. So here is what happened to me!

I wrote an email to SheDoesTheCity. I will let you read:


 My name is Piper Blush. I am a model for TheArtofBlowjob and the Chief Editor of CamilleCrimson/Blog. I also started a personal blog: ThePiperBlushExperiment.com.

I would love to contribute to SheDoesTheCity! It can be in an interview, or I can write a Sex Confessional, Personal Essay, How To... I do not know how you proceed for these things, but I am always open to suggestions.

I am looking forward to your reply!

Piper Blush 


Here is the response I got, precisely 5 minutes later:  

Thanks for your interest but we aren't interested in an anti-feminist pov. At all. Good luck with your blow jobs. 

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I will let you draw your conclusions on the matter. On my part, all I can say is that feminists love rejecting me. We all have the same rights to our opinion and the chance to defend and protect it. 

I do not think that being blunt is the way to approach the people who do not have the same views as yours. Shouldn't you try to make them understand your mindset by talking to them? We all deserve the same respect and comprehension. 

I may sound foolish, but I would have preferred that this person took the time to set up a fake interview, or even make me write an article and then refute all of my arguments with theirs, rendering my article completely feminist. I can go on with so many other ways...

It is close to impossible to have nothing in common with a person, even if our ideologies are different. So we can always talk to someone of something. Furthermore, you can confront your convictions with those of others to bring yourself to new conclusions, which were out of your reach with your old dogmas. I feel that everyone can be a resource given a chance.

Do not misinterpret my thought; I am not a traffic whore! If I were, I would write more often and on pretty much anything. I write for my pleasure so that I can change some people's perceptions about feminism. You can make your own opinion! 

That is why I do not associate with the feminist movement!


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