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A Woman Knows Her Rank!

Hierarchy is seen in all human interactions. It is not all that hard to be made aware of your rank in the human society. We are all vicariously able to experience the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others with our empathy.

Where do women lay?

In my opinion, the male gender stands right on top of females. It would be foolish of me, to assume that all men are Dominants and all women are submissives. With a neural net like ours, so many variables, there have to be some restrictions, exclusions, and exceptions. I do prefer my men Dominant, but that is just me. 

Men stand on top as Dominants, women to their feets as submissives.

A male will always be dominant in its interactions with females. So what does it make of the woman to woman interactions? There has to be a power exchange even if it is between two submissives, and that is just how the hierarchy works. So let's call it a sub-hierarchy because this one only applies to the women. How does a woman dominate another of her gender? It is easy, the woman who dominates all women is the best submissive to men. Males and females desire her. She is free, beautiful and empowered because she is owned.  

Feminist convictions are duping people by telling them it is the women's movement which as rendered woman beautiful. Women are not beautiful. Feminism has killed femininity! Not wearing dresses, not shaving, not being well behaved; those are not things to be proud of as women. Those are the things that make women lose their elegance, their grace, and their sensuality. What is the world without femininity? It is the world of men without desires, where males lose their will to own and create. It makes the world a place with less and less creativity, beauty and refinement. We all know a planet without men is just doomed.

A woman knows her rank. 

With a simple exchange, she can rapidly tell who is the best submissive. It is a simple interaction, as normal as they get. Like when I went to Victoria's Secret to find a white bra. 

As I entered the shop, my eyes meet with those of a younger woman. Not that I chose her, it was random. She was talking to her colleague. I kept eye contact with her while I was moving towards her. She stopped to ask me if I was in need of assistance. Rosalie was about five feet tall, big brown eyes, not more than 17 years old. Her long and straight brown hair followed her as she turned around to show me what I asked to see. I instantly knew that Rosalie would do anything I would ask. Why? Well, I would do the same as she did in the presence of a better submissive than me. Also, she was not yet at that level of truly understanding and embracing her womanliness and nor do I know she will ever be. But I can tell she does not yet know that a black dress that falls on the half of your thighs with black velvet boots that climb over your knees makes the boys and men go crazy. Between Rosalie and Me, she is my submissive. 

Women who are actively participating in the feminism movement are getting involved in the extinction of their gender. The realisation that it is only thru the desires of men that they can grow, fully embrace and reach their womanliness, scares them. 

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