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Having A Model First Lady!

Being a Canadian myself, I grew up knowing all about the US and the high impact this great neighbor has in Canada. As they say when the U.S. sneezes Canada catches a cold, but it’s not only economically that this country south of our borders affects us, it is also culturally. Americans have believed in the American Dream so unconditionally that they have transmitted it to others. The whole world wants a warm, sugary, greasy and expensive piece of the American doughnut. 

I find it great that Melania Trump is the first foreign-born woman to become First Lady since Louisa Addams. Not only that but she has no degree, she is an ex-model, she as an English accent as thick as mine and her nude pics are all over the internet. Who would have thought she could live in the White House? The same applies to her husband. 

D. Trump being very wealthy as some friends in politics but no family ties to it. For a couple like this one to be the face of the United-States, which has to be the proof that the American Dream truly exists and even further it is accessible to anyone you wants it. 

From the beginning of the electoral campaign up until now, Donald Trump has had held many racist comments. Just how racist his Trump? He has chosen for the mother of one of is son’s, a now American, but born Slovene wife. He has a tendency for misogyny and his wife was nowhere to be found during most of the campaign. He is certainly a controversial man.

I can’t help but think of all the controversy the election of November 8th as brought. How the media's, on my side of the Americas, had a political bias and that did cloud the judgment of some pushing the limits of sensationalism. But there's one thing I can not reproach to journalists, and that is that the facts are always right. It is only in the way of presenting them, that they can make you believe in their point of view more than others. That is why as citizens we need to be critical, to vary sources and sculpt our opinion on things.

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