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Madonna Will Give You A BJ!

That is what she said she would do if you vote for Hillary Clinton as she warmed up Madison Square Garden for her friend Amy Schumer. 

At least, I'm sure some of the men in the audience were keen to the idea. Even if Madonna is close to her sixties, she was in many boys' dreams in the 80'. We all get old, but our teenage fantasies live on forever. 

Madonna offering sex to in exchange for some votes, what does that say about women? 

I'm all for you guys getting free oral by Madonna. Especially, because she stated that she takes her time, does a lot of eye contact, and the most important thing of them all she swallows. 

After all that you have just read. You might think Madonna seems right for it, but she is just like any other women. Have you guessed why? 

I'll give you some insight into how I see things. Powerful women like Madonna have some impact. Other women look up to them. What she said in New-York, is some of the behavior that made me want to analyze women in the first place. It is that kind of mentality that I am trying to change in women. 

Madonna is only willing to give you head because you are going to give her something in return- Your Vote! She is not doing it because she genuinely likes it or because she wants to satisfy you. Madonna is not thinking about you at all. She is using sex to change your political views. How is that alright?

See the video here!

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