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Where Is The Proportion Between Weight And Feminism?

A female friend of mine came to me with an interesting thought. I found it would be interesting to share it with you, for the sake of argument. You know I love to hear your point of view on men vs women issues, it's great material for ThePiperBlushExperiment : ) 

In the interests of confidentiality, let's give her the name Julie. 

Julie was researching feminism when she contacted me. Of course, at the beginning of her studies, she found out what the word feminism meant. After what, she learned everything from the suffragette movement, to female empowerment, passing by the contraceptive pill. 

She had heard enough, she closed her computer screen and returned to the real world to try and figure out what was left of feminism. And so she began searching the web for real hardcore feminist women out there in our day and age.

What she told me did raise some questions for me. How to say this without offending anyone, I'll just tell it how she said it: "Most of the dedicated feminist's out there are not Victoria's Secret Models!" 

So what has changed? Who identifies themselves as feminists in 2016 and for what causes? It just seems like the word is used light-heartedly to describe so many inequalities, that it is starting to lose its real meaning. Not that I am a feminist, it's more of an etymology concern for me. Where are all the beautiful, young, braless, with long hair women, they don't identify with the feminist movement anymore?

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