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Unisex Fitting Rooms, Are You In?

I love to wear lingerie. The softer the fabric, the more it makes me feel like a million dollars. I feel the soft satin brush against my skin as I pull the panties up legs. As I turn, I see my reflexion in the full body mirror, but it isn't enough. How can I know if this piece of lace enhances my natural curves? I am not a man! I don't know what makes me look desirable?

My old friend Tom offered to buy me some lingerie. I never say no to lingerie, and especially not a went is can result in a new Experiment for me. He and I went to a lingerie store. I followed in is footsteps as he picked colours, textures and patterns to his liking. Once he had finished, we went to the fitting rooms.

The young woman that welcomed us politely told him he could to wait further away from the fitting rooms. I was disappointed. I wanted him to be on the other side of my cabin door. So that each time I would finish putting on that lingerie he had so carefully chosen, he could observe me and judge how tempting I looked.

I've been in more specialised boutiques before, and if we had gone to one, he could have stayed in front of my cabin the whole time. People are a little more open in those types of stores :) He would also probably have been sitting in an armchair next to the other men that are waiting to see their female partners. And I have to say I love male's eyes on my body. I like to feel observed and naked. Every lingerie stores should have some cabins dedicated to women who want the men they bring with them to see and choose for them. I mean that is what it's all about, isn't it? Women are made to be seen by men.

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