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Feminists Reject Me!
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You can say I have two different writers in me! I love to write, as much for myself as for others. The things I write for myself are not destined for other minds to analyse. They spark my creativity, giving me the inspiration to create what I want to render visible to you. What you are presently reading! I write here, to get your opinion. It nourishes my mind and makes me question my thoughts.

A small part of my livelihood is spent trying to get my name out there, as for any author. I do so by sending emails to get interviewed, writing articles for blogs, or even making blog swaps with other writers. 

Of course, I know my views as an anti-feminist are controversial and make many unhappy. So here is what happened to me!

I wrote an email to SheDoesTheCity. I will let you read:


 My name is Piper Blush. I am a model for TheArtofBlowjob and the Chief Editor of CamilleCrimson/Blog. I also started a personal blog: ThePiperBlushExperiment.com.

I would love to contribute to SheDoesTheCity! It can be in an interview, or I can write a Sex Confessional, Personal Essay, How To... I do not know how you proceed for these things, but I am always open to suggestions.

I am looking forward to your reply!

Piper Blush 


Here is the response I got, precisely 5 minutes later:  

Thanks for your interest but we aren't interested in an anti-feminist pov. At all. Good luck with your blow jobs. 

Sent from my iPhone


I will let you draw your conclusions on the matter. On my part, all I can say is that feminists love rejecting me. We all have the same rights to our opinion and the chance to defend and protect it. 

I do not think that being blunt is the way to approach the people who do not have the same views as yours. Shouldn't you try to make them understand your mindset by talking to them? We all deserve the same respect and comprehension. 

I may sound foolish, but I would have preferred that this person took the time to set up a fake interview, or even make me write an article and then refute all of my arguments with theirs, rendering my article completely feminist. I can go on with so many other ways...

It is close to impossible to have nothing in common with a person, even if our ideologies are different. So we can always talk to someone of something. Furthermore, you can confront your convictions with those of others to bring yourself to new conclusions, which were out of your reach with your old dogmas. I feel that everyone can be a resource given a chance.

Do not misinterpret my thought; I am not a traffic whore! If I were, I would write more often and on pretty much anything. I write for my pleasure so that I can change some people's perceptions about feminism. You can make your own opinion! 

That is why I do not associate with the feminist movement!


A Woman Knows Her Rank!
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Hierarchy is seen in all human interactions. It is not all that hard to be made aware of your rank in the human society. We are all vicariously able to experience the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others with our empathy.

Where do women lay?

In my opinion, the male gender stands right on top of females. It would be foolish of me, to assume that all men are Dominants and all women are submissives. With a neural net like ours, so many variables, there have to be some restrictions, exclusions, and exceptions. I do prefer my men Dominant, but that is just me. 

Men stand on top as Dominants, women to their feets as submissives.

A male will always be dominant in its interactions with females. So what does it make of the woman to woman interactions? There has to be a power exchange even if it is between two submissives, and that is just how the hierarchy works. So let's call it a sub-hierarchy because this one only applies to the women. How does a woman dominate another of her gender? It is easy, the woman who dominates all women is the best submissive to men. Males and females desire her. She is free, beautiful and empowered because she is owned.  

Feminist convictions are duping people by telling them it is the women's movement which as rendered woman beautiful. Women are not beautiful. Feminism has killed femininity! Not wearing dresses, not shaving, not being well behaved; those are not things to be proud of as women. Those are the things that make women lose their elegance, their grace, and their sensuality. What is the world without femininity? It is the world of men without desires, where males lose their will to own and create. It makes the world a place with less and less creativity, beauty and refinement. We all know a planet without men is just doomed.

A woman knows her rank. 

With a simple exchange, she can rapidly tell who is the best submissive. It is a simple interaction, as normal as they get. Like when I went to Victoria's Secret to find a white bra. 

As I entered the shop, my eyes meet with those of a younger woman. Not that I chose her, it was random. She was talking to her colleague. I kept eye contact with her while I was moving towards her. She stopped to ask me if I was in need of assistance. Rosalie was about five feet tall, big brown eyes, not more than 17 years old. Her long and straight brown hair followed her as she turned around to show me what I asked to see. I instantly knew that Rosalie would do anything I would ask. Why? Well, I would do the same as she did in the presence of a better submissive than me. Also, she was not yet at that level of truly understanding and embracing her womanliness and nor do I know she will ever be. But I can tell she does not yet know that a black dress that falls on the half of your thighs with black velvet boots that climb over your knees makes the boys and men go crazy. Between Rosalie and Me, she is my submissive. 

Women who are actively participating in the feminism movement are getting involved in the extinction of their gender. The realisation that it is only thru the desires of men that they can grow, fully embrace and reach their womanliness, scares them. 

Having A Model First Lady!
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Being a Canadian myself, I grew up knowing all about the US and the high impact this great neighbor has in Canada. As they say when the U.S. sneezes Canada catches a cold, but it’s not only economically that this country south of our borders affects us, it is also culturally. Americans have believed in the American Dream so unconditionally that they have transmitted it to others. The whole world wants a warm, sugary, greasy and expensive piece of the American doughnut. 

I find it great that Melania Trump is the first foreign-born woman to become First Lady since Louisa Addams. Not only that but she has no degree, she is an ex-model, she as an English accent as thick as mine and her nude pics are all over the internet. Who would have thought she could live in the White House? The same applies to her husband. 

D. Trump being very wealthy as some friends in politics but no family ties to it. For a couple like this one to be the face of the United-States, which has to be the proof that the American Dream truly exists and even further it is accessible to anyone you wants it. 

From the beginning of the electoral campaign up until now, Donald Trump has had held many racist comments. Just how racist his Trump? He has chosen for the mother of one of is son’s, a now American, but born Slovene wife. He has a tendency for misogyny and his wife was nowhere to be found during most of the campaign. He is certainly a controversial man.

I can’t help but think of all the controversy the election of November 8th as brought. How the media's, on my side of the Americas, had a political bias and that did cloud the judgment of some pushing the limits of sensationalism. But there's one thing I can not reproach to journalists, and that is that the facts are always right. It is only in the way of presenting them, that they can make you believe in their point of view more than others. That is why as citizens we need to be critical, to vary sources and sculpt our opinion on things.

Madonna Will Give You A BJ!
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That is what she said she would do if you vote for Hillary Clinton as she warmed up Madison Square Garden for her friend Amy Schumer. 

At least, I'm sure some of the men in the audience were keen to the idea. Even if Madonna is close to her sixties, she was in many boys' dreams in the 80'. We all get old, but our teenage fantasies live on forever. 

Madonna offering sex to in exchange for some votes, what does that say about women? 

I'm all for you guys getting free oral by Madonna. Especially, because she stated that she takes her time, does a lot of eye contact, and the most important thing of them all she swallows. 

After all that you have just read. You might think Madonna seems right for it, but she is just like any other women. Have you guessed why? 

I'll give you some insight into how I see things. Powerful women like Madonna have some impact. Other women look up to them. What she said in New-York, is some of the behavior that made me want to analyze women in the first place. It is that kind of mentality that I am trying to change in women. 

Madonna is only willing to give you head because you are going to give her something in return- Your Vote! She is not doing it because she genuinely likes it or because she wants to satisfy you. Madonna is not thinking about you at all. She is using sex to change your political views. How is that alright?

See the video here!

Where Is The Proportion Between Weight And Feminism?
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A female friend of mine came to me with an interesting thought. I found it would be interesting to share it with you, for the sake of argument. You know I love to hear your point of view on men vs women issues, it's great material for ThePiperBlushExperiment : ) 

In the interests of confidentiality, let's give her the name Julie. 

Julie was researching feminism when she contacted me. Of course, at the beginning of her studies, she found out what the word feminism meant. After what, she learned everything from the suffragette movement, to female empowerment, passing by the contraceptive pill. 

She had heard enough, she closed her computer screen and returned to the real world to try and figure out what was left of feminism. And so she began searching the web for real hardcore feminist women out there in our day and age.

What she told me did raise some questions for me. How to say this without offending anyone, I'll just tell it how she said it: "Most of the dedicated feminist's out there are not Victoria's Secret Models!" 

So what has changed? Who identifies themselves as feminists in 2016 and for what causes? It just seems like the word is used light-heartedly to describe so many inequalities, that it is starting to lose its real meaning. Not that I am a feminist, it's more of an etymology concern for me. Where are all the beautiful, young, braless, with long hair women, they don't identify with the feminist movement anymore?

The Truth That Lies Beneath
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A lifetime is too short not to experiment! Especially with all that art as to offer, as means of expressions. Short Films are just yet another art form for me to experiment with ThePiperBlushExperiment. 

You could say I have some resemblance to Jules Verne! In his creation process for the book "From The Earth To The Moon", did you know that he did some rough calculations as to the requirements for the cannon? 

The book was written well before space exploration began. If you are not familiar with the book, here follows the gist of it. A team constructs a gun capable of shooting a projectile to the moon, in which can live three astronauts. 

My Short Films are fragments of the calculations I am making to write my book, like where those of Verne at the time. They serve as documentation on female behaviour. In them, I can find pieces of proofs that explain Why Submissive Women Are Happier. 

Some of Verne's figures are surprisingly close to reality, considering the comparative lack of any data on the subject at the time. Do you understand? That's what you are overseeing as a Patron of ThePiperBlushExperiment! For people to look back at my work and see the truth that lies beneath the art. 

Chat With Piper Blush Real Time!
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Ever wanted to talk to Piper Blush?

On Oct 4th You Can!

She will be hosting #SexTalkTuesday on Twitter :)

How Can You Participate?

Log in to your Twitter Account on October 4th, a little before 3 pm Est. The chat will last until 4 pm Est.

To see the tweets Go To @SexTalkTuesday.

Every 10 minutes or so, you will see a new question pop. In this format: 

Q1(How big of a place do you wish #oralsex will occupy in your #sexlife, weekly?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q2(How can you #ask your partner for more #oralsex? Give us ideas.) #SexTalkTuesday

Q3(#Giving, what do you think can make you a better giver, and why?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q4( #Receiving, what do you think can make you a better receiver, and why?) #SexTalkTuesday

Q5(How many times a week, do you need #oralsex to be #satisfied? On the #Giving and #Receiving end?) #SexTalkTuesday

You can Get Engaged in the conversation by answering the questions or re-sharing information. 

Don’t Forget To Include the #sextalktuesday in all of your tweets, or they will not be posted on @SexTalkTuesday’s feed.

Thanks to Sssh.com and SexTalkTuesday.com for having me moderate #SexTalkTuesday. 

BDSM: Does Every Dominant Need A Master Key?
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I’ve been receiving a lot of questions in regards to the greatest of Curations- The Master Key. 

The acquiring of the Master Key does come with its many privileges and four rules. 

The first rule: You do not talk about The Master Key’s Privileges!

The second rule: You DO NOT talk about The Master Key’s Privileges!

The third rule: You can only acquire the Master Key Once in your life for a duration of three months!

The Fourth rule: Only ONE Master Key is available at any given time!

Only The One Who Holds The Master Key Knows What It Entails!

It expires: October 2016

Embrace Your Natural Musk!
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As I smell men passing me by, I can almost taste them. One of the things I like most about men is their odour.  Maybe it is that my sense of smell and taste are sensitive. 

I love odours that remind me of men. Such as leather, smoke that resembles of Scotch and grilled meat. On that last one, don't freak out, it's just that steak reminds me of BBQs and men. 

I love the authentic flavours that are in fresh foods. I like to keep it as so during all the cooking process. When I cook, I use herbs, spices, salt and pepper, but it's always in a subtle way, not ever making the main ingredients disappear. So you can imagine I like the same thing in men.

Men should embrace their natural musk. Everyone has their very own scent, and I don't like when perfumes, colognes or too strong deodorant obstruct it. You must most definitely wash with soap, though :) 

A Night At The Ballet
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I have always been fascinated by Ballet. The dancers are agile and in perfect control of their movements. When they jump in the air, it’s as they freeze in time, for a second. 

Women ballet dancers are delicate, and the way they use their fingers is very expressive. The men even in their fluidity stay masculine, and when they carry the women, it’s as they merge. It is a beautiful art form!

The orchestra plays in front of the stage, while the dancers follow every note. I love the synchronistic it creates between the sound and gestures.

The dancers have to be expressive because they don’t speak. I find it amazing how you understand and follow the story, without ever hearing a word.

Are Anti-Feminists Insane People?
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You have probably heard of Amy Schumer. She is a famous American stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and producer. Her most recent media splash was when she said: "I think anyone who is not a feminist is an insane person. I think they don't know what feminism means."

In response to Amy Schumer's BBC News Interview, all I'll say is that I think anyone who is a feminist is an insane person. I think they don't know what feminism means."

I do agree with her on one point; I do think not everyone knows what feminism means. I feel like the word feminism is overused by women who are afraid to follow their most innate desire- to be possessed by a man.

My views on feminism are contradictory to those of Schumer. For me, feminism does not just mean equality! Those two words don't have the same meaning.

I feel that these words Anaïs Nin wrote so gracefully, are the kind of equality I want as a woman: "I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don't mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don't mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding."

Amy Schumer's
BBC News Interview
See the video Here

Piper Wants To Have You As Her Dream Lover.
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I try to be as available as I can to chat with all of my patrons and observers. You can find me on many social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Due to the overall amount of messages I received on these platforms, I've found a way to make it much easier for you to contact me and get a faster response from my part.

It's called Dream Lover. The difference between DreamLover and other social medias is that I get a text message from you directly on my phone which makes it impossible for me not to notice and answer as I get it.

The sign-up is 1$, and my phone number is completely Free. Click Here to get more information!

For those of you who prefer to stay connected with me thru the social medias messenger, I understand, and I'm jubilant to chat with you. Please know that I usually cannot respond as fast as I would want to

Would You Like A Blowjob With You Cafe Sir?
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We take our coffee with us, branding ourselves with that particular paper cup like it's a part of our clothes. Savouring it in a very different way than the French.

Unlike the French, us North Americans, experience coffee on the move. The French will stop, sit down and take the time to drink their coffee, in a real thick ceramic cup.

There is no telling which makes the best of its morning coffee, the French or the Americans? Let's not got into it. We would only start a never ending dilemma. All I can say is that we all need our morning coffee to function properly.

Which brought me to the question, what else do men need to start the day promptly? It has to be a Blowjob! So what a great idea it is to mix two deeply satisfying morning experiences at once before work. I am all for the coffee being ingested while the blowjob is being served. Not only as a morning ritual, let's not forget coffee breaks!

The virtues of coffee are already well known and vastly accepted. So you might ask, what an orgasm can do for you that your morning cup of Joe can? As Kit Maloney founder of the female pleasure company O'actually, says: "Orgasms lead the body to flush out cortisol, a primary stress hormone in the body, leaving you more calm, happy and balanced... It allows the space for the monkey brain to quiet, and that means you'll be more focused and productive with your to-do list afterwards!"

This way, even American men's will sit down and relax during their coffee breaks, taking the whole of their 15 minutes to enjoy the delicious sensation and warmth of the...

Josh who is in his 20s and works at an office told Vice: "I've just always used it(masturbation) as a method to calm down and relieve stress during the middle of the workday occasionally."

A Description That Will Satisfy You sex Cravings!
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This feeling I get when I think about food or when the enticing odour of a dish enters my nose or when my eyes see the colours and textures of a dish. My mouth is hungry; I am hungry.

To be hungry is a whole range of sensations. Starting by the saliva dripping from everywhere on the walls of my cheeks. I don't know where it comes from, but I need to swallows, it fills my mouth so rapidly. Followed by that void that makes me crazy, and I need to fill it. I want my mouth filled with something, anything. Lastly, my stomach groans, swallowing the saliva without any other substance, just makes me more hungry, my body knows I'm only fooling it.

As it is, there in front of me, I fight the urge of just swallowing it, but that would not be as satisfying as what I have in mind. It is essential to play with food I bring it close to my mouth. Oh, that instant when I know it is going in!

I want to smell all the subtle odours and warmth on my skin. To bring it to my lips and taste hints of spices. As it hits my tongue, the intense flavours burst all over. Making it move all over, under my tongue, on my cheeks, pushing it to the far back of my throat never swallowing just waiting to have had enough of this delicious experience.

I want to bite, biting just goes with eating. The usage of your teeth is imperative, even though they are hard, they feel as much as the darkest corners of your jaws. But it is not the same sensations that come with the teeth, I feel powerful able to destruct, and it's a constant combat not to bite too deep. It's all the pleasure teeth give you.

As my perfume mixes with the natural flavours. New aromas come into play. Until it all fades in together, and I am ready to swallow, before starting all over again.

Now, what if this whole time I was not talking about food?

Unisex Fitting Rooms, Are You In?
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I love to wear lingerie. The softer the fabric, the more it makes me feel like a million dollars. I feel the soft satin brush against my skin as I pull the panties up legs. As I turn, I see my reflexion in the full body mirror, but it isn't enough. How can I know if this piece of lace enhances my natural curves? I am not a man! I don't know what makes me look desirable?

My old friend Tom offered to buy me some lingerie. I never say no to lingerie, and especially not a went is can result in a new Experiment for me. He and I went to a lingerie store. I followed in is footsteps as he picked colours, textures and patterns to his liking. Once he had finished, we went to the fitting rooms.

The young woman that welcomed us politely told him he could to wait further away from the fitting rooms. I was disappointed. I wanted him to be on the other side of my cabin door. So that each time I would finish putting on that lingerie he had so carefully chosen, he could observe me and judge how tempting I looked.

I've been in more specialised boutiques before, and if we had gone to one, he could have stayed in front of my cabin the whole time. People are a little more open in those types of stores :) He would also probably have been sitting in an armchair next to the other men that are waiting to see their female partners. And I have to say I love male's eyes on my body. I like to feel observed and naked. Every lingerie stores should have some cabins dedicated to women who want the men they bring with them to see and choose for them. I mean that is what it's all about, isn't it? Women are made to be seen by men.

white bdsm
Peek In On Piper's Secret Rendez-Vous
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A man contacted me. He wanted to meet and share with me a story- The story of his woman, a submissive. I love to hear people's stories. So I packed my bags and went to Ottawa to meet with him.

I don't usually travel alone, mostly if it's far from home. I always bring Margot with me, or should I say she is always persistent in accompanying me.

Know that I'm talking about Margot, here's a little bit about her. She is a wonderful friend, and we can do pretty much everything together. She also happens to be my personal photographer. Most of the Photographic Experiments are taken by her. Those shots by the window, were partly her doing :)

The Man in question and I meet at the hotel bar. He had much to say, and I was just drinking is words. The dominant told me that he and his wife have the same views as me on submission.

Piper's Secret Garden Is Yours To discover
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I live my life thru Experiments...and don't we all?

I've created The Piper Blush Experiment to exhibit myself to those who like to oversee. It's a genuinely honest depiction of me- Piper Blush.

My Experiments are what makes my book come to life. Each Experiment is thought thru and unique. It has the purpose of answering questions I have about what makes women happy in their relationship with men.

I need male's perspective in all spheres of my life and even more so in The Piper Blush Experiment. Patrons of The Piper Blush Experiment are men who want to observe or to take part in the creation of the book. Your perspective make me create. It is the entirety of my articles, pictures, short films and of all of my Experiments that shapes "Why submissive women are happier".

My Experiments complement very well the book by giving a much more extensive and explicit picture of my thoughts.

2010-2017 Piper Blush, I sleep with my lawyer, sometimes....

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